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Management & Information Technology


Production run time problem with machine breakdowns under AR control policy and rework

Singa Wang Chiu

This paper examines the production run time problem with random machine breakdowns under abort/ resume (AR) policy and reworking of defective items produced. Under AR policy, production of interrupted lot will be immediately resumed when breakdown is fixed and machine is restored. Mathematical modeling and derivation of the production- inventory cost functions for both systems with/without breakdowns are presented. These cost functions are integrated and long-run average cost per unit time is obtained. Theorems on convexity and on bounds of run time are proposed and proved. A recursive searching algorithm is developed for locating optimal run time within the bounds. Numerical example with sensitivity analysis is provided to assist in optimal operational control of such an unreliable system.


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Case-based evolutionary design approach for satellite module layout

Bo Jin & Hong-Fei Teng

A case retrieval algorithm has been developed for reuse of previous stored design solutions and to optimize layout of satellite module using prior knowledge and evolutionary approach. Case-based approach has been found more powerful than a non-case used evolutionary computation. A prototypical of a 2-D layout design of a satellite was used to show effectiveness and efficiency of this approach.


Management & Information Technology


Analysis of heat pipe solar collector using artificial neural network

Artificial Neural Network (ANN) has been used to analyze effects of L/di, (total length/ inner diam of heat pipe), Lc/Le, (condenser length/ evaporator length), water inlet temperature, collector tilt angle and solar intensity on heat pipe solar collector (HPSC). Heat pipes (5 each) having two different Lc/Le and L/di ratios have been designed, fabricated and used in solar collector absorber. Copper container, stainless steel wick material and methanol as working fluid were used for heat pipes, which are designed to have heat transport factor of around 194 W and 260 W of thermal energy. Experiments were conducted during summer with different collector tilt angles to the horizontal. Collector efficiency, which increases with decrease in L/di ratio and increase in Lc/Le ratio, is due to increase in heat transport factor of heat pipe.



B Sivaraman & N Krishna Mohan


S & T and Industrial Research


Dynamic performance improvement of a carpet scrapping machine

Himanshu Chaudhary & Subir Kumar Saha

Dynamic performance improvement like less vibration, smooth motor torque requirement, etc. of a carpet scrapping machine to enhance productivity and quality of Indian hand knotted carpets is presented. A complete dynamic analysis is carried out, along with optimum balancing of shaking force and shaking moment of machine. Inertia properties of machine are represented by dynamically equivalent systems, equimomental systems, of point-masses to identify design variables, and formulate associated constraints. Mass redistribution and counterweights are suggested methods to improve dynamic performances of existing carpet scrapping machine.

S & T and Industrial Research


Electrochemically deposited polyaniline/ polypyrrole polymer film modified electrodes for determination of furazolidone drug

D C Tiwari, Rajeev Jain & Shraddha Sharma

A polyaniline/polypyrrole (PANI/PPy) polymer film was deposited on a tin oxide coated glass electrode, which was used to study electrochemical behaviour of furazolidone by cyclic voltammetric method. Two well-defined reduction peaks (c1 at -0.358V and c2 at -0.784V) and one oxidation peak were observed at 0.306 V. The results, compared with that of a glassy carbon electrode, indicate that reduction peak potential of furazolidone shifts in negative direction and reduction peak current increases significantly at PANI/PPy modified polymer film electrode. PANI/PPy polymer electrode, characterized by FT-IR spectroscopy, UV- vis spectroscopy, and SEM studies, was found stable and produced a pronounced response in long pH range (5-12). Resistance of polymer film was determined by I-V characteristics. Proposed polymer electrode gave satisfactory results in determination of furazolidone.


Synthesis and properties of fatty acid esters of cellulose

Yuping Wei, Fa Cheng & Guili Hou

Cellulose esters with linear aliphatic acyl substituents [C8 (octanoyl chloride) to C18 (stearoyl chloride)] were synthesized in homogeneous solution (DMAc/LiCl) using triethylamine (TEA) as acid-scavenger and characterized by means of elemental analysis, FT-IR and CP/MAS 13C Solid State NMR spectroscopy. Wide angle X-ray diffraction (WAXD), Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) showed that solvent exchange has no effects on the crystallinity of cellulose, but crystallinity structure was destroyed after esterification in DMAc/LiCl homogeneous solution. SEM results suggested that fibril structure was also destroyed after esterification. Glass transition temperature (Tg) of cellulose octaonate (C8) increased linearly with degree of substitution (DS) from 61C for 0.08 to 172C for 1.57. At the experimental conditions, side-chain crystallization occurred with increasing linear aliphatic side-chain length to C18.


Determination of lead in environmental samples after solid phase extraction by 2-aminothiazole group incorporated PS-DVB

Suparna Dutta & Arabinda K Das

Proposed method for determination of trace amounts of lead is based on solid phase extraction of metal ion by 2-aminothiazole group incorporated into a matrix of polystyrene-divinylbenzene (PS-DVB). Effect of pH, equilibration rate, sorption and desorption of metal ions, effect of flow rate and effect of diverse ions were studied. Maximum sorption capacity observed for Pb (II) was 0.29 mmolg-1 at pH 5.5. Calibration range was linear up to 5 mg ml-1 (R2 =0.997) with a detection limit of 25.0 mg l-1. Pb (II) recovery at 97.5% confidence level was found to be 97.5 2.1%.

S & T and Industrial Research


Influence of wollastonite on mechanical properties of concrete

Renu Mathur, A K Misra & Pankaj Goel

Studies were made on cement concrete and cement-fly ash concrete mixes incorporating wollastonite as partial substitute of cementitious material and sand respectively. Improvements in compressive (28-35%) and flexural strength (36-42%) at 28 and 56 days respectively were observed by incorporation of wollastonite (10%) in concrete mixes. By incorporation of wollastonite, reduction in water absorption, drying-shrinkage and abrasion loss of concrete, and enhancement in durability against alternate freezing-thawing and sulphate attack were observed. Because of high concrete strength and abrasion resistance, a better utilization of concrete cross section is possible. Alternatively, thickness of pavement slab can be reduced by incorporation of wollastonite micro-fibres in concrete mixes.

Energy and Environment


Performance evaluation of direct injection diesel engine with blends of Thevetia peruviana seed oil and diesel

T Balusamy & R Marappan

Methyl ester of Thevetia peruviana seed oil (TPSO), blended with diesel, has been tried in naturally aspirated single cylinder diesel engine at rated speed of 1500 rpm. The performance and emission parameters like, brake thermal efficiency, brake specific fuel consumption, CO, HC, NOx, CO2, O2, smoke and exhaust gas temperatures are measured, analyzed and compared with that of diesel. Engine performance with TPSO has been found comparable to that of diesel and CO, HC emissions are less but NOx and smoke are slightly higher than that of diesel.


A new computational method for microwave drying of potato slabs

A Daghbandan, R Najar & A K Haghi

Experiments and generalized mathematical models have been used to evaluate impact of heat and mass transfer mode on microwave drying of potato. Evolution of temperature, moisture content as well as overall drying kinetics have been discussed with various internal and external physical parameters. New computational method can be used as a tool for microwave drying of potato slabs more efficiently.



Waste Treatment and Utilization


Studies on sorption and elution behaviour of dyes using titanium phosphonate

Kalpana Maheria & Uma Chudasama

Titanium-hydroxyethylidene diphosphonate (TiHEDP), a novel hybrid ion exchange material of the class of tetravalent metal acid (tma) salt, has been synthesized by sol-gel method and characterized by elemental analysis (ICP-AES), thermal analysis (TG / DTA and DSC), FT-IR and X-ray diffraction studies. Chemical resistivity of the material in acids, bases and organic solvents has been assessed. Sorption behaviour of dyes, crystal violet (CV), rhodamine 6G (R6G), methylene blue (MB) and pink FG (PFG) towards TiHEDP has been studied, based on thermodynamic parameters evaluated and adsorption isotherms (Langmuir and Fruendlich). Breakthrough capacity and elution behaviour of dyes have also been studied. Sorption affinity of dyes towards TiHEDP is found to be MB>CV>R6G>PFG.



Biostabilization and preparation of protein hydrolysates from delimed leather fleshings

N Bhaskar, P Z Sakhare, P V Suresh,
Lalitha R Gowda & N S Mahendrakar

Wet leather fleshings (LFs) from sheep and goatskins had high alkaline pH (12.1) and ash (18.1%) due to liming of fresh skins for leather production. Treatment of limed fleshings with 0.1% H2O2 (1:10 v/v) followed by 0.2 HCl (1:10 w/v) solutions produced very little or no H2S. Delimed fleshings, mixed with 19.5% (v/w) Pediococcus acidolactici culture, 20% (w/w) sugar and 2% (w/w) common salt, on fermentation at 302C yield silage (protein 7%, fat 8% and ash 3.6%), which can be used in animal feeds. Optimized conditions (enzyme, 1.5% v/w of Protex-6L; temp., 55C; hydrolysis time, 180 min) for hydrolyzing delimed LFs were determined by RSM. LFs yield white hydrolysate (yield, 3.5%; nitrogen, 12.4%; and fat, 1.5% w/w), which can be used in aquaculture and animal feeds to supplement arginine, phenylalamine and tyrosine.

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