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Fly ash characterization, utilization and Government initiatives in India

Sharda Dhadse, Pramila Kumari &
L J Bhagia


Current annual production of fly ash, a by-product from coal based thermal power plants (TPPs), is 112 million tonnes (MT). Some of the problems associated with fly ash are large area of land required for disposal and toxicity associated with heavy metal leached to groundwater. This review presents different ways of using fly ash and policies of Govt of India regarding utilization and disposal of fly ash. Environmental and occupational health hazards associated with fly ash are also discussed.

Management & Information Technology


Route choice modelling in urban transportation networks using fuzzy logic and logistic regression methods




Yetis Sazi Murat & Nurcan Uludag


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This study presents route choice model of transportation network in Denizli using fuzzy logic model (FLM), logistic regression model (LRM) and survey-based data. Four important parameters (traffic safety, travel time, congestion and environmental effects) were used in the models. Fuzzy logic concepts are especially used to take note of imprecision, vagueness and uncertainty characteristics of route choice behaviour. FLM is compared with LRMs and encouraging results are obtained with FLM.










Modernization of Indian coal mining
industry: Vision 2025

S K Chaulya, L K Bandyopadhyay &
P K Mishra

In view of vision 2025, CIMFR, Dhanbad has developed a web-based information and decision support system for coal mining industry. Paper summaries scope of proposed IT based system by highlighting existing problems and proposed solutions under different modules, and briefly enumerates the methodology to develop the proposed system.

Management & Information Technology


DM make up water reduction in thermal power plants using Six Sigma DMAIC methodology

Six Sigma DMAIC (define, measure, analysis, improve, control) methodology has been applied to a process industry seeking energy conservation, taking a specific case of a thermal power plant. DM (De-mineralize) water in these plants is an expensive input material. It has been found that 0.1% increase in DM make up water consumption increases generation cost by Rs 82.82 lakhs per annum. In present study, implementation of Six Sigma project recommendations brought down mean make up water from 0.90% to 0.54% of MCR (Maximum Continuous Rating), accruing with it a comprehensive energy savings of nearly Rs 304.77 lakhs per annum.


Prabhakar Kaushik & Dinesh Khanduja







S & T and Industrial Research


Reduction of artifacts in 12-channel ECG signals using FastICA algorithm


Gracee Agrawal, Manju Singh, V R Singh & H R Singh

ECG signals are required to be reduced for accurate and easier diagnosis in clinical resting ECG, ambulatory ECG, exercise ECG and long-term ECG monitoring. In this paper, Fast ICA algorithm has been used for reducing artifacts and noise from 12-channel ECG recordings. A Graphical User Interface is also made for the same purpose.


Development of methodology for emergency repair of airfield pavements










N K S Pundhir, Sunil Bose & Pawan Kumar

Emergency repair of airfields have to be carried out at utmost priority. New development in weapon technology with deep strike and increased demands in aircraft operations make existing crater repair procedures inadequate. Field trials were conducted for crater repair at Hindon and Jaisalmer Air Base. The filling of central crater and deep adjacent area is recommended by the use of recycled pavement aggregates of different sizes in layers.



S & T and Industrial Research


Novel synthesis of biologically active nitro heterocyclic compound

Different nitro heterocyclic compounds possessing diverse biological activity have been successfully synthesized by simple, rapid and environmentally benign method using bismuth nitrate supported on silica gel and were screened for their antimicrobial properties to set up the structure activity relationship.


D M Badgujar, M B Talawar, S N Asthana &
P P Mahulikar


Partial characterization and optimization of extracellular thermostable Ca2+ inhibited
α-amylase production by Streptomyces erumpens MTCC 7317





S Kar & R C Ray

Culture parameters for optimum production of extracellular α-amylase by moderately thermostable Streptomyces erumpens MTCC 7317 isolated from a brick-kiln soil were found to be pH (6.0), temperature (50C) and incubation period (36 h). Enzyme production was more in soluble starch (1%), beef extract (1%) and glycerol (0.02%) as compared to other carbon (1%: wheat flour, cassava starch, potato starch, cassava flour, etc.), nitrogen (1%: yeast extract, peptone, casein, ammonium chloride, etc.) and surfactant [0.02%: Cween (Tween) 20, Cween 40, Cween 60, Cween 80, sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) and triton x 100] sources tested, respectively. Glycerol concentration (0.02 %) was most stimulatory in enzyme production. Addition of Ca2+ (even at 10 mM) inhibited α-amylase production. S. erumpens cells immobilized on sodium alginate beads produced more (9.0-23.4%) amylase as compared with free cells. Partially purified enzyme (by ammonium sulphate precipitation) had a molecular mass of 54,500 Da in native SDS-PAGE.

S & T and Industrial Research


Botanical and phytochemical comparison of three Bergenia species

Sharad Srivastava &
Ajay Kumar Singh Rawat




Three species of Bergenia [B. ligulata (Wall) Eng., B. ciliata (Royle) Raizada, and B. stracheyi Engl.] were evaluated for botanical, physicochemical, and chemical studies. Botanical study of rhizomes revealed that B. ciliata has large number of starch grains; B. ligulata has maximum calcium oxalate crystals while B. stracheyi has a lesser amount of starch grains. Physicochemical studies showed that B. stracheyi had highest percentage of all physicochemical parameters (total ash 15.8, alcohol and water soluble extractives 13.83 and 16.83, sugar 5.5 and tannins 7.86), except starch and acid insoluble ash, which were highest in B. ciliata. A comparative HPTLC study was also carried out.

Energy and Environment


Performance of a mixed biodiesel fueled
diesel engine

Dilip Kumar Bora, L M Das &
M K Gajendra Babu

This study presents application of biodiesel produced from the mixture of polanga oil (Calophyllum inophyllum), karanja oil (Pongamia pinnata) and jatropha oil (Jatropha curcas) in CI engines and compares biodiesel performance and emissions characteristics with petro diesel.

Waste Treatment and Utilization


Biosorption of Cd 2+ and Zn2+ ions in leachate with Enteromorpha compressa macroalga



Aida Sahmurova, Sati Kose &
Emine Elmaslar Ozbas

This study presents biosorption of Cd2+ and Zn2+ ions from landfill leachate by using an alga of Enteromorrpha compressa type. Retention time of
60 min and pH 4 have been found optimum for biosorption of both metals.



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