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Information retrieval on Internet using meta-search engines: A review

Manoj M & Elizabeth Jacob

Meta-search engines (MSEs) on Internet have improved continually with application of new methodologies. Understanding and utilisation of MSEs are valuable for computer scientists and researchers, for effective information retrieval. This paper reviews functionality, working principles, growth, evolution and popularity of various MSEs.

Science & Society


Causality principle, non-equilibrium thermodynamics and non-linear science of open systems

R P Rastogi & R C Srivastava

Extensive theoretical studies based on non-equilibrium thermodynamics and non-linear dynamics and experimental studies related to simple and complex non-equilibrium physico-chemical systems, which have possible application in real systems in nature, has been reported. Present paper intends to: i) Elucidate concepts related to causality principle developed on the basis of experimental and theoretical studies; and ii) To illustrate manner, in which multiple forces interact in phenomena involving multiple processes and multiple cause-effect sequence such as: a) non-equilibrium steady states; b) bifurcation from steady state to bi-stability and oscillatory state; c) temporal and spatio-temporal oscillations; d) chaos; and e) pattern formation and fractal growth in space.

Management & Information Technology


Optimal control of a fed-batch fermenter using parameterized data-driven models

K Yamuna Rani

An optimal control approach is proposed for semi-batch processes based on parameterized data-driven (PDD) model structures. Orthonormally parameterized input trajectories, initial states and process parameters are inputs to the model, which predicts output trajectories in terms of Fourier coefficients. Two model structures (linear and quadratic) are incorporated into PDD modeling approach, and a previously proposed model structure of ANNs is considered for comparison. Proposed PDD modeling approach using newly proposed model structures is capable of capturing nonlinear and time-varying behavior inherent in fed-batch systems fairly accurately, and results of operating trajectory optimization using all models are found to be comparable to the results obtained using exact first principles model.


An expert system for selection of piloting for sheet metal work on progressive die

Shailendra Kumar & Rajender Singh

An expert system (PLTSEL) has been developed for selection of piloting to assist die designers and process planners working in stamping industries. Production rule-based expert system approach, used to construct PLTSEL, is coded in AutoLISP language and designed to be loaded into prompt area of AutoCAD. Low implementation cost makes system affordable for small and medium size stamping industries.


Pattern of extramural R & D funding in India

Namita Gupta & Rakesh Chetal

This paper overviews funding pattern of extramural research supported by Central Government departments/agencies during 5 years period (1995-2000) and then compares it with previous 5 years (1990-95). Analyses are made in terms of pattern of funding by types of institutions, broad subject areas, major scientific agencies and year-wise support. Regional distribution of R&D projects and their support in India is also analyzed. A broad analysis of core databases on world publications in science and technology is also carried out.

S & T and Industrial Research


Wedge type vaned diffuser flow measurements in a low speed centrifugal compressor

Ümit Nazlı Temel, Adnan Öztürk &
Ali Pinarbaşi

This study establishes effectiveness of vaned diffuser in comparison with vaneless diffusers in centrifugal compressor. Hot wire measurements at three inter-vane positions for mean velocity, turbulent kinetic energy and flow angle distributions in vaneless space and vane region of a low speed centrifugal compressor are presented. A low speed compressor with a 19 bladed backswept impeller and 16-wedge vanes diffuser was used. Impeller blade wakes mixed out rapidly within vaneless space than in an equivalent vaneless diffuser. Although, flow is highly non-uniform in velocity at impeller exit, there was no any separation from diffuser vanes. Presence of vanes accelerated mixing out process. Therefore, use of twisted vanes in diffuser would be beneficial in reducing losses.


Free vibration analysis and optimal design of an adhesively bonded double containment cantilever joint

M Kemal Apalak, Recep Ekici &
Mustafa Yildirim

This study presents three-dimensional free vibration and stress analyses of an adhesively bonded double containment cantilever joint. Modulus of elasticity, Poisson’s ratio and density had negligible effect on natural frequencies and mode shapes of adhesive joint. ANN models predicted that support length and plate thickness played important role on natural frequencies, mode shapes and modal strain energy of adhesive joint whereas adhesive thickness has a minor effect. Genetic Algorithm combined with ANN model determined optimum geometrical dimensions, which are satisfying maximum natural frequency and minimum elastic modal strain energy conditions for each natural frequency and mode shape of the adhesively bonded double containment cantilever joint.


A novel energy efficient machine for plate manufacturing from areca palm leaf sheath

P Kalita, U S Dixit, P Mahanta &
U K Saha

An efficient, high performance and user-friendly hand-operated machine for bowl and plate manufacture from areca palm leaf sheath has been designed. New machine is very effective, as production time of bowl (15 cm diam) has reduced by 50% and that of plate (30 cm diam) by 30% in comparison to existing pedal-type machine. Cost of new machine is 50% less than existing machine.

S & T and Industrial Research


SEM-EDX characterization of an iron-rich kaolinite clay

Pinaki Sengupta, Pradip C Saikia &
Prakash C Borthakur

Kaolin clay from Deopani deposit of Assam contains high amount of iron. Kaolinite particles, characterized by SEM-EDX, are pseudohexagonal and arranged in face-to-face pattern. Clay particles are coated with iron- and titanium-bearing minerals, which can be separated by wet high intensity magnetic separator Titaniferrous impurities present as coatings on kaolinite particles are difficult to remove by oxalic acid treatment.


Synthesis of cefadroxil carbonate

P L N Sharma & Dantu Muralikrishna

Cefadroxil carbonate (I) is synthesized from 7-amino desacetoxy cephalosporonic acid (II) condensing with mixed anhydride that is obtained from reaction of para hydroxy phenyl glycine dane salt (III) with excess of ethyl chloroformate in presence of excess of base, N-methyl morpholine.


Ecobiotechnology advances in bioproduct formation through microbe – plant interactions (MPI)

Rumpa Biswas & S N Mukhopadhyay

Ecobiotechnology using ecological engineering provides sustainable ecosystems that integrate society with its environment. Rhizobium sp. growth in root of food producing plant or as an ecofriendly biofertilizer plays important role in microbe plant interaction (MPI) systems. This study reviews importance of ecobiotechnology and aspects in rhizobial-non rhizobial MPI in ecofriendly fertilizer function for industrial / commercial product formation.

Energy and Environment


Thermodynamic modeling and optimization of multi-pressure heat recovery steam generator in combined power cycle

T Srinivas,
A V S S K S Gupta & B V Reddy

Optimum configuration for single pressure (SP), dual pressure (DP) and triple pressure (TP) heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) is presented to improve heat recovery and thereby exergy efficiency of combined cycle. Deaerator was added to enhance efficiency and remove dissolved gases in feed water. A new method was introduced to evaluate low pressure (LP) and intermediate pressure (IP) in HRSG from local flue gas temperature to get minimum possible temperature difference in heaters instead of a usual fixation of pressures. Optimum location for deaerator was found at 1, 3 and 5 bar respectively for SP, DP and TP in heat recovery at a high pressure (HP) of 200 bar. Results also showed optimum pressure for air compression and steam reheater by means of three categories of heat recovery.

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