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Agricultural and agro-processing wastes as low cost adsorbents for metal removal from wastewater: A review

Thomas Anish Johnson, Niveta Jain,
H C Joshi & Shiv Prasad

This study reviews the use of agricultural and agro-processing industry wastes as metal adsorbents from wastewater. Modified materials displayed better adsorption capacity and capability of some was comparable with that of commercial activated carbons and synthetic resins. Agricultural wastes are low-cost adsorbents and can be viable alternatives to activated carbon for treatment of metal-contaminated wastewater.

Management & Information Technology


Effects to teaching environment of noise level in school classrooms

P Seetha, K Karmegam, M Y Ismail,
S M Sapuan, N Ismail &L Tamil Moli

This study determines noise level in school classrooms during school hours and identifies the effects of noise to teaching environment in classrooms using a Sound Level Meter (SLM) and a questionnaire survey on 44 teachers and 150 students. Data analyses, using t-test, one sample t-test and one-way ANOVA (Tukey’s HSD Post Hoc test), indicates that noise level in school classroom during school hours exceeded WHO guideline value. This noise affects teachers and students in term of teaching and learning process and human health.


Adaptive fuzzy cognitive maps vs neutrosophic cognitive maps: decision support tool for knowledge based institutions

Goutam Banerjee

This paper explores feasibility of self-adaptive Fuzzy cognitive maps (FCM) in context of knowledge-based organizations. An illustration of encoding explains how combination of initial subjective knowledge with real life data can help a knowledge organization exploring its strategic decisions. Neutrosophic generalization of FCM offers more practical implications of problem domain.

Management & Information Technology


Prediction and evaluation of tropospheric ozone concentration in Istanbul using artificial neural network modeling according to time parameter

Goksel Demir, Gokmen Altay, C Okan Sakar,
Sefika Albayrak, Huseyin Ozdemir &
Senay Yalcin

In this paper, lower tropospheric ozone concentration was modeled using artificial neural networks (ANNs) according to 1 day, 3 days and 7 days time periods to determine best prediction period. In model formation, data that was taken from ozone measuring stations and Government Meteorology Works Office was daily averages of last 6 months of 2003 and first 6 months of 2004. Air pollutant parameters (6) and meteorological parameters (8) were used in ANN architecture for Anatolian and European sides of Istanbul separately. Correlation factor was determined to examine model effectiveness for each time period. Weekly average prediction model has been observed with highest correlation factor and three day’s correlation factor was higher than daily’s.


Remote controlling and monitoring of HVAC system over Internet

Ilhami Colak, Sevki Demirbas, Ibrahim Sefa, Erdal Irmak & H Tolga Kahraman

In this study, internet-controlled heating ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) system has been proposed with programmable sleeping time and automatic operation mode, three steps fan speed unit, adjustable fan angle, a remote control device with an LCD and a web based control unit. A low cost microcontroller (MC) to control HVAC system and a PC as an Internet server are used. Proposed web based control method remotely works for long distance. As HVAC systems have high voltage, driver circuits with opto-couplers have been used for safety of the system.

S & T and Industrial Research


Plasma limiter for protecting against high power microwave

Geng Yang, Ji-chun Tan, Ding-yi Sheng & Yu-chuan Yang

Breakdown parameters of plasma limiter are calculated to find new measure to protect electronic systems against high power microwave (HPM). Limiter filled with Xe of 1 torr can be charged by incident HPM in approximate 14 ns, providing protection to electronic systems.


Four-quadrant control of multilevel inverter fed induction motor drives

Beşir Dandil & Servet Tuncer

This paper presents a high performance speed and current control scheme based on indirect field oriented control (IFOC) for multilevel inverter fed induction motor drive. Advantages of multilevel inverters over standard two-level voltage source inverter (VSI) include a greater number of levels in output voltage waveforms, less harmonic distortion in voltage and current waveforms and lower switching frequency. Proposed IFOC scheme of multilevel inverter showed high quality of control.


Computation of flow in a target flowmeter

Ümit N Temel, Adnan Öztürk & Ali Pinarbaşi

Present study determines optimum geometry for target fluidic flowmeter capable to function at small Reynolds numbers (<300). Using fluent code solver, numerical studies were carried out for gasoil measurements at various geometries and Reynolds numbers. Computational technique for unsteady incompressible viscous flow applicable to two dimensional flow geometries is presented. Effects of nozzle exit-target distance (Xt) and target width (Wt) were studied to determine optimum geometry. Flow characteristics and oscillation mechanism were investigated for a flowmeter.

S & T and Industrial Research


Performance evaluation and rating of bridges under uncertain structural parameters using integrated load test

G K Sahu, R K Garg & Ram Kumar

An integrated load-test technique has been developed to test load carrying capacity of bridges. The technique has been illustrated with a case study implemented on one of the bridges at NH 24 near Hapur. This methodology can also be used for performance evaluation, developing load ratings and for detecting possible degradation or damage in bridges.


Structure and performance of industries in Gujarat

Gunjan Malhotra

Present study analyses economic performance and industrial growth pattern of Gujarat state, India. Two digit industries (TDI), which are major contributors to the economy, offer wide scope for employments due to maturity in technical skills and capabilities of entrepreneurs, investment potentials and net value addition. Economic reforms policies improved growth pattern of TDI. Manufacturing units of electricity, rubber, plastic, petroleum products recorded a significant growth (55%).

Energy and Environment


Performance of forced and wind assisted domestic solar hot water systems- a comparative experimental study

K Tamilarasan
PP, K PerumalPP &
P S S Srinivasan

Natural circulation type hot water systems are widely used in domestic applications due to cost effectiveness; however, efficiencies are lower due to lower collector flow rate under natural circulation. Forced circulation systems (FCS) offer higher efficiencies but require electricity for operation. A novel system, windmill assisted system (WAS), is fabricated and tested. Collector flow rates in WAS are observed as a function of wind velocity. Wind flow increases flow rate and thus heat collection. On test days, efficiencies of WAS and FCS modes are found close to each other. WAS appears to be a better alternative to FCS for remote areas with no electricity.

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