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Control charts for autocorrelated colemanite data










Sermin Elevli, Nevin Uzgören &
Mehmet Savaş

In this study, two types of control charts have been used to show the effect of autocorrelation (AC) to determine process stability of Espey and Hisarcık Colemanite concentrators. Individuals Control (IC) chart has shown that both concentrators are statistically out of control. On the other hand, according to Special Cause Control (SCC) chart, which considers impact of AC, only Hisarcık concentrator is out of control. SCC chart has been found more appropriate for autocorrelated data since it provides a higher probability of coverage than IC chart.

S & T and Industrial Research


Automatic calibration of a HUD with a mechanical and photonic integrated system

Chern-Sheng Lin, Yun-Long Lay
Hung-Jung Shei
, Shyang-Yinn Kuo &
Jiann-Lih Hwang

This paper presents automatic calibration of a head-up display (HUD) with a dual-plain combiner. Basic inspection and adjustment methods include regulation of light source, troubleshooting in lens alignment, holder design for relay lens and light source. Theory of ray-transfer matrix was used in automatic measurement. Computer calculated curvature profile of optical device. Number of tests had been successfully performed to improve optic performance of a mechanical and photonic integrated system.


Micro gripper for micromanipulation using IPMCs (ionic polymer metal composites)

R K Jain, U S Patkar & S Majumdar

Electro active polymers (EAPs) exhibit large electrically induced strains (bending or stretching) with electrical stimuli. EAPs are utilized as actuators in micro gripper and micromanipulator in micro robotics activities. Remote center compliance (RCC) based micro gripper is developed to facilitate insertion of peg-in-hole (PIH) for micro assembly operations. An effect of RCC compliance during PIH operation is analyzed using ionic polymer strips. Experimental performance of insertion of peg during assembly, as compared with bending moment model of IPMC based micro gripper, shows misalignment of peg in handling operation.

S & T and Industrial Research


Effect of internal roller burnishing on surface roughness and surface hardness of mild steel

P Ravindra Babu, T Siva Prasad,
A V S Raju & A Jawahar Babu

Roller burnishing is a cold working surface treatment process to generate a uniform and work-hardened surface. This study presents two internal roller burnishing tools to perform roller burnishing process on mild steel under different speeds. Burnishing speed impact on surface roughness and surface hardness has been examined.


Evaluation of optimal parameters for machining brass with wire cut EDM

C V S Parameswara Rao & M M M Sarcar

Wire-cut electric discharge machine (WEDM) has been applied for dimensional accuracy, surface finish, and geometric features of work pieces (electrodes, dies etc.) in metal cutting industry. This study evaluates optimal parameters (discharge current, voltage at rated wire speed and tension) for brass electrode (sizes, 5-80 mm). Influence of optimal parameters on cutting speed, surface roughness, spark gap (cutting off-set required) and material removal rate (MRR) is studied. Mathematical relations are obtained for cutting speed, spark gap and MRR. Effect of wire material on cutting criterion is also evaluated for  work piece (5 mm thick) using 4 wires of different copper percentages. This study is useful in finding cutting time for any size of job and to set parameters for required surface finish with high accuracy of cutting.


Optimization of process parameters for friction stir welding of cast aluminium alloy A319 by Taguchi method

M Jayaraman, R Sivasubramanian,
V Balasubramanian &
A K Lakshminarayanan

In order to improve strength of welded joints in fusion welding of cast Al alloys, friction stir welding (FSW) technique may be employed to eliminate porosity, micro-fissuring, hot cracking etc. This paper discusses use of taguchi experimental design technique for maximizing tensile strength of friction stir welded cast aluminium alloy A319. Using ANOVA and signal to noise ratio of robust design, effect on tensile strength of FSW process parameters (tool rotation speed, welding speed and axial force) is evaluated and optimum welding condition for maximizing tensile strength is determined. In order to correlate process parameters and measured tensile strength, a mathematical model has been developed by nonlinear regression analysis.

S & T and Industrial Research


Spontaneous and highly accurate ultrasonic temperature measurement system for air conditioner in automobiles

This paper presents a microprocessor-based, ultrasonic air temperature sensor system whose output controls temperature adjustment of car air conditioner (AC). Perceived thermal comfort correlates better with temperature of bulk air than temperature measured by conventional in-car temperature sensor. It uses ultrasonic measurement of changes in sound speed in air to determine temperature of bulk air. Changes in sound speed are calculated from phase shift of multi-frequency continuous wave. A 89c51 single-chip microprocessor-based signal generator and phase detector was used to record and calculate phase shift and temperature. Advantages of proposed system are high accuracy, instant detection, wider range and low cost.



Tung-Sheng Zhan,
Sun-Li Wu & Wen-Yuan Tsai


Synthesis and adsorption property of hypercross-linked sorbent

Li Dongguang, Zhang Yanli & Zhang lei

A novel hypercross-linked fiber sorbent (HFS) was prepared by cross-linking polypropylene grafted styrene-divinylbenzene (PP-ST-DVB) fiber with p-xylylenedichloride using Friedel-Crafts (F-C) reaction. A series of synthesis tests were conducted and effects of reaction temperature, reaction time, catalyst type, and material ratio on F-C reaction were investigated. Compared with PP-ST-DVB fiber, HFS has an excellent adsorption capacity for benzene vapor. Adsorption equilibrium for benzene vapor on HFS was measured at 298, 323 and 348K by a static volumetric technique. Isosteric heat curve, derived from equilibrium data, indicated that HFS has an energetically heterogeneous surface. HFS showed faster adsorption rate and higher adsorption capacity than that of PP-ST-DVB fiber.

S & T and Industrial Research


Effect of soil and cow dung proportion on vermi-composting by deep burrower and surface feeder species

P M Munnoli & Saroj Bhosle

Use of earthworm species to biodegrade various substrates (industrial wastes, agricultural residues, etc.) for composting has proven to be successful after initial stabilization of vermi beds. This study presents optimization of vermi beds (soil + cowdung) for culturing of earthworms (Eisenia fetida, Eudrilus eugeniae, and Megascolex megascolex.). Optimum proportion of soil + cowdung (1:3) for culturing of earthworms has shown highest number of earthworms hand sorted in all the three species. Among three species, E. eugeniae showed highest number of earthworms after 32 days. In compost preparation, earthworms reduced pH as follows: E. fetida, 6.7 to 6.1; E.eugeniae, 6.7 to 6.0; and M. megascolex, 6.7 to 6.4.

Energy and Environment


Boiler tube failures (BTFs) in natural circulation high pressure drum boiler of a power station

M Azad Sohail, A Ismail Mustafa &
M Abdul Gafur

This paper assesses boiler tube failures (BTFs), especially in boiler water wall tubes (BWWTs) for a natural circulation high-pressure fossil (natural gas) drum boiler unit (TIME-COB-206, Russia). Metallographic (micro and macrostructural) examinations of BWWTs materials (carbon steel, Russia) were carried out extensively. Analyses of carbon (mild) steels (0.22% C) revealed distinctive changes in ferrite-pearlite distribution, might be due to decarburization. Huge pits, few grooves followed by flow lines were observed on internal surfaces of BWWTs with respect to length of power plant operation. Corrosions or scaling in BWWTs depicted one of the major causes of BTFs in fossil units with drum boilers usually treated by coordinated phosphates.


Study of human exposure to fine particulates and respiratory tract depositions in residents of an industrial environment in India

Shri Nath Singh & Rajnikant Sharma

This paper estimates personal exposure to particulate matter (PM), deposition and status of selected toxic metals in respiratory tract washout samples obtained from 20 humans residing in township of an industrial environment in central India. All humans samples for personal PM exposure and respiratory tract depositions, collected during winter season, were analyzed for selected toxic elements (Pb, Cr, Cd, Co and Ni). Personal PM5 exposure levels were found between 2.6-48.6 mg/m3 for various categories. Chemical analysis of PM samples shows that higher risk is associated with housewives who spend their time (> 85%) indoors. Good positive correlation coefficient value is found for PM concentrations and respiratory tract depositions.


Energy and Environment


Dust dispersion modeling using fugitive dust model at an opencast coal project of Western Coalfields Limited, India

Ratnesh Trivedi, M K Chakraborty &
B K Tewary

This paper examines different sources of dust generation and quantifies dust emission rates from different point, area and line sources considering background dust concentration at one of the Opencast Coal Project (OCP) of Western Coalfields Limited. Air quality modeling using Fugitive Dust Model (FDM) reveals that dust generated due to mining activities does not contribute to ambient air quality significantly in surrounding areas beyond 500 m in normal meteorological conditions. Predicted values of total suspended particulate matter (TSPM) using FDM are 68-92% of observed values. A management strategy is formulated for effective control of air pollution at source and other mitigative measures including green belt design have also been recommended.

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