A Bimonthly Digest on Natural Products

Volume 1, No.1, January – February, 2002

(Pages: 1-60 with colourful photographs)


ISSN 0972-592X


In This Issue

Beverage: Cereal based alcohol production is more beneficial
New fruit drink from neglected fruit
Preparing muscadine vinegar in short time

Cosmetics: Natural Beauty Products – Jojoba and Aloe
Pumpkin- from vegetable to beauty
A good skin soother

Dyes/Pigments: Natural dye from Deodar and Eucalyptus leaves
Pigment from food plants for production of bioflavonoid dyes

Fibre: Dyeing process for cotton and wool blend is made easier
Multipurpose Kenaf
High fibre strength cotton for denim and polyester

Fishery: Occurrence of polyaromatic hydrocarbons in processed fishery products
HACCP in fisheries

Floriculture: New and promising ornamentals
New ornamental undershrub

Food: Protein producing yeast from kittul toddy;
A novel method for reducing wheat flour allergenicity
Reduce the allergenic proteins in rice
Gluten-free spaghetti from quinoa
Buckwheat starch and its possible role in diabetic control
Canned French Beans
Spirulina is good for reducing blood glucose level
Mix rice flour to reduce frying oil uptake
Improved varieties of sugarcane
Emerging Soya Food Products

Fruit: Storage of kinnow fruits
Improving the viability of mango seeds
Shine and preserve Citrus fruits at cheaper rates
Debittering citrus fruit juice
Checking possible adulteration in orange juice
Storing lemon for a longer time
A tomato-like fruit- Tamarillo

Fuel: Non-polluting diesel substitute from coconut oil

Genetic Engineering: Produce more chicory for blended coffee, and quickly too

Gum: Alternative pharmaceutical gum from cashew nut

Horticulture: Early season fruit production of carambola
Application of paclobutrazol (cultar) to obtain mangoes regularly

Livestock: Controlling GI parasites in livestock
American Wormseed – An anthelmintic for Lambs
Gingerise to tenderize the meat

Mineral: Protect apples by mineral coating
Use Kaolin to control citrus weevil

Nutraceuticals: Soy protein hydrolyzate with bound phospholipid reduces serum cholesterol in human
Soy protein isolate and its hydrolysate are good for reducing genetical obesity

Oils: Edible oil extraction with the help of enzyme technology
Oil yielding Tree- of- Heaven can flourish on wasteland
Palm Oil vitamin E prevents the loss in bone mineral density and mineral content

Paper: Water proofing of paper by corn protein

Poultry: Add lactic acid to chicken’s drinking water and reduce Salmonella infection
Reduce feed consumption but not egg number
Utilizing broiler litter for ensiling non-leguminous fodders

Radiotherapy: Radioprotection by extract of Indian Podophyllum

Spices: Packaging and storage of large cardamom
Solar-drying is best for spices

Therapeutics: Pippali, Ginger and Asafoetida have potential to treat gastric ulcer
Blood anticoagulant from marine algae
Take Tea, No Problem
Shikakai saponin may enter in to medicine
Spiny Fruits of Gokhru can kill human malignant melanoma cell line
Cancer chemopreventive agents from Smoke Tree
Pure Cocoa powder contains cancer preventive polyphenols
Marking Nut can be a future antistress drug
Bioactive compounds from Croton oblongifolius Roxb.
Achyranthes - A Waste place herb has great potential against cancer
A promising herbal hepatoprotective drug from Milk Thistle
Blood sugar lowering Cashew Nut
Flowers of Helichrysum possess analgesic and anti-inflammatory activity
The folklore antidiabetic herb has proved its effect in rats
Sweet potato is a good friend of diabetics
Night Jasmine contain antitrypanosomal potential
Analgesic activity of Peperomia
Antimicrobial activity of Indian Mahogany Tree leaves
Hepatoprotective and cardiac inhibitory Bhringaraja
Sedative properties of Guinea Rush rhizome
Antimicrobial activity of Berberis
In vitro production of L-Dopa from Banana
Spirulina supplementation improves blood haemaglobin levels
Communist weed is a medicinal weed
Anti-inflammatory activity of Nutmeg oil
Shoe flower leaves are a potent hypoglycaemic agent
The inhibitors of a-glucosidase enzyme
Inhibitory actions Turmeric on histamine release
Marching towards filariasis control
Gulnar variety of Pomegranate contains cholinergic components
A potential antistress drug
Green tea residue is a potential anti-cancer agent
An effective anti-diabetic agent
Carrot seed oil is analgesic and anti-inflammatory
Analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects of mango bark
Hepatoprotective activity of Mexican Daisy
Wound healing activity of Stone Apple
Hypoglycaemic and cardiotonic potential of Broom Creeper roots
Blood clotting by methanolic extract of Shrubby Basil
Clinical effect of Bala Haritaki on serum cholesterol
Clinical trial of Palasha Pushpadi Churna in the management of diabetes mellitus
Incense sticks ingredient possesses a medicinal alkaloid
Coronary heart disease treatment by Arjuna
Wound healing and pain killer Chaksini
Cytotoxic activity of Chinese Ginseng
Wound healing power of Quince seeds mucilage
Antidiabetic activity of Black Plum seeds
Anti-influenza compound from the fungus Aspergillus terreus

Tissue Culture: Large scale micropropagation of antiasthmatic plant Antamul
Micropropagation of Niger for commercial production
In vitro propagation can save the endangered Red Sandal Wood

Vegetable: Do not throw carrot residue, its fibre is good for obese people
Cucumber and Americans, a healthy relationship
Traditional method of storing cabbage and cauliflower

In Brief: New Green Pea variety
Year-round pineapple production in Andaman Nicobar Islands
Salt tolerant rice
High-yielding sesame variety
Economical rations of feed
Value added products from tubercrops
Japanese technology for rice farming
Lipstick from Algae
Celery seed oil can be used in agriculture pest management